Love I Did Glance

A conversion story for young children.


Love I Did Glance.


One night I dreamt the Lord spoke to me

His back it was turned, though His face I did see.

I was terrified, weak, I stood hardly a chance.

Grace it did save me, Love I did glance.


The Lord God was angry,

I’ll tell you, it’s true

His child deceived Him, worked to defeat Him.

There was no reason for me to live.


But, I did.


And then,

God walked with me,

Jesus talked with me,

And the Holy Spirit taught me.


This is what God said:


“I gave you a heart with its own eyes to see

My Love, my Compassion, my Joy and Mercy.


But your heart it turned cold,

it turned hard,

it turned blind.

You see with your own eyes, you see with your mind.


It’s true my sweet child I drew eyes on your face

So you could see Glory all over the place


The trees and the ocean and fish in the sea

The clouds and the rainbows, a promise from me.


And I made you a heart, a place just for me

To rest in your body, to dwell peacefully


My breath sits here steadfast, unwavering, true

Waiting for you…to make a choice.


In this world I created there is good and there’s bad

Faith and doubt are married;

So are happy and sad


You have Free Will

You can choose right or wrong

You can look with your mind

Or see with a song


The tune that I sing

Is a song filled with Love

When this world hurts you

Look to my World above.


You’ll see Purpose, a Plan, my Will and my Hand

You’ll see people who need me, and maybe you can…give them hope.


Or you can choose when you’re hurt to turn inward, see

Many do this (you did) and never find me


They look to themselves to fix all their woes

These people, they’re sad.

Trust me, I know.


Don’t fret my dear child it’s the world you are in

It is Good, it is Good, yes!

But – it’s a world ruled by sin


Like many, you fell-


You blamed me

You cursed me,

You doubted, it’s true

But I let you because of my deep Love for you.


My Son He will save you

Restore you, grant life

My Spirit will teach you

To do what is Right.


My Son guards the door, the Sheep, and is Light

His vine, it is True,  

His Way is to Life.



I need your help,” the Lord said to me,

“I’ll guard you, protect you, I’ll help you be free.

But first you will help me to help others to see.


Up, get your Bible and read unto me

My Word it will heal you

My Word sets hearts free


Open My Book,

And you’ll see the lost saved

Lazarus raised

from four days in the grave.


Open My Book

where the blind come to see,

where water’s made wine

And a boy is set free.


There’s multiplied bread,

Water traversed

People forgiven

Who were under the curse


Like them,

I’ll cleanse you with Water

I’ll fill you with Wine

My Wind is my Spirit

You’ll heal in my Time


I’ll mold you and shape you

My Will will be yours

I’ll open a place to my house –

The front door.


Seek me and find me

I’ll give you the keys

When people are hurting and broken and need


You’ll show them my Way, my Will and my Plan

You’ll teach in my absence I am holding their hand

You’ll open the door to their hearts as I did

On this night when you almost died but now live


Your faith it did save you

My Grace saved your soul

You have scars now, you’re wounded, but I’ll make you whole.


As you open one door to another you’ll see

Christ’s Love, Compassion, Joy and Mercy


Your eyes will return to your heart bit by bit

Then one day with my people in a New Heaven you’ll sit


It will not be easy

And you won’t want to go

Down this path that I’ll show you

A path that’s narrow


You’ll hurt more and you’ll grieve

For a life left behind

This path is not easy

This path that is mine


But you have tools that I gave you

Now don’t you forget:


My Word is a Lamp unto your feet

My church is a place that my people will meet


Hold their hands and their hearts like I did to you

Befriend them and help them, their faith will heal you


My people are special, they hold all my Gifts

I’ll even show some that it’s you who uplifts


Pray and remember that even in flight

I am holding you tightly with all of my Might


I sent you away from my nest, yes, “Good Bye”

But I trust you and know you will live by my Guide


Music will be a place to restore

Your soul will have flight and will sing ever more


When you worship the Lord with your heart, soul and mind

Peace you will know, my Love you will find…


….Remember, be still, and know that you’re mine.


(Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”)


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